Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Hike of 2014

last Hike for 2014

Started out a little early for me and Crowders mt. Crowders is very close to where i live. Travel is very easy. I go there alot for my getaways and exercise. Being so close most of the time i get there around 9ish and start right away. This day I i was there at like before 8am. The weather was cold, wet, and a little windy. Even with those conditions it really wasn't that bad. When I started it was in the 40s but moving up pretty fast, by the time I got to the top of Kings Pinnacle (aka Pinnacle Trail) it was mid 50s at least. Pinnacle  is by far the most popular trail at the state park. Its about 2 miles one way and goes up to 1,705 feet up. the trail is fairly wide and maintained well. I'm able to go from bottom to top in about 40 min. I use this trail a lot for my weekly hiking exercise. There are a lot of other nice trails at Crowders mt state park. For last sec trail hikes I usually choose this one.
Because of the weather and the elevation. I can say when I did get to the top. It was a very different view then I was use too. On a sunny clear day. you can see Charlotte in the distance and the other mountain in the park (Crowders Mt). Not today . there was a very thick Fog surrounding the top of the Mountain. It gave a almost fairy tale like smoky Mountain look. Very cool.

I am getting better at getting up this trail. Ive been coming to this park since I was a Kid. A couple of weeks earlier. I was able to make the claim that I finally Hiked all the trails at Crowders MT state Park. I like to use Crowders as a practice area for other adventures I want to do later and further away from home. If I'm not on an Adventure. I trying to make a habit of at least hitting Crowders for a Sunday hike. I think its working.

After I got to the top. I realized  I am the only one up here. It was nice. It felt like a real adventure. With the fog and empty mountain top. I hanged out for a bit. Had my Brunch then headed on back down. It was a Nice way to end the year.

Happy New Year!

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