Friday, December 14, 2012

Broad Wing Hawk visiting the Neighbors.

I believe this is a Broad winged Hawk. i noticed this bird y this morning just sitting on the corner of my neighbors house. I was able to get pretty close. It didn't seem to mind at all.
I guess the small pets in the area should look up every now and then. make sure they don't become lunch.

I hope I haven't miss ID-ed this thing. The closest thing i could find would have been a Red Tailed Hawk. I didn't see any red on this guy. i also remember the last time i did see a Red Tail. It was kind of small. This hawk was kind of big.

This Thing looked so proud and  unafraid.. Even thou there was a few smaller birds flying around trying to get the Hawk to leave. I tried to go back and get Video but it got tired of me looking at it and flew off.

I guess You never know what you mite find or see outside unless you go outside and play.

Well i hope everyone injoys the Pics. Till next time. Oorah! Over come and adapt. and go outside and play.


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