Sunday, January 4, 2015

First hike of 2015

First Hike of 2015. January 4th 2015. Oorah!
It was another rainy day at Crowders Mountain. This time it was pretty much rainy all day. Had a few lite spells but the rain kept coming. Even tho the rain was  non stop. The Temp was in the 60s. Had to peel off layers of clothes on the way up.

Today I had my Buds Zach and Lon come with me. You know you have good friends when they are willing to go hiking with you in the rain. Thanks guys. Started out about 9:45am at the Linwood access parking lot.  Its really a short hike to the top of Crowders from there but its like strait up right away. I was sucking wind pretty good today. In my defense I didn't go light. Since I use Crowders to acclimate and shape up for later stuff. I took my big pack and loaded down a little. I can say with clarity I need to do more Cardio.


I have to say Tower Trail to the Top of Crowders is a good training trail. You start out quick and to the point. Then you get to the Stairs. I have head there are about 300 of them. I wasn't counting. I was too busy trying not to Die. Coarse we get to the Top. Zach is like you mind if i go up and down the stairs a few.  Ug. Show off. Hes in better shape then I am. I'm getting there. SLOWLY.

I will say it was another really cool low cloud fog like day. You could see down to the clouds that where covering the land only things that where over 1000 feet where breaking cloud cover.

After the Guys where kind enough to let me catch my breath we commenced to following the Rocky Top Trail towards the West. I did remember this time to bring my little baggy to pick up trash along the trail. Walking the top parts of the ridge had its challenges. Mainly the rain just making some spots slick.

I know that the Pinnacle Trail is very popular. I get that. My opinion. the Rocky Top Trail is just way more entertaining and challenging. Ive traversed it both east and west. Either way it just a fun trail to be on.


Over all we had a Pretty good time. Despite the rain. Basically we went up and down and around the Mountain. In little over 2 hours.  After I got my wind back from the stairs. I was able to maintain a steady flow of travel. I have to say thanks again to my hiking buddy's. They made hiking in the rain fun. Not sure where the next hike will be. Thinking about hitting South mountain next time. Weather and Time will have a lot to do with that. Take care Family and Friends. Love to see ya on the trail. Oorah!

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