Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold hike

Another Beautiful Day on Crowders Mt. January the 11th 2015. First things first. Its cold. It is in the 20s and we started out right at 9am. My Bud Zach was with me today. We left the Linwood parking lot and went strait to the stairs. Found some ice on the way to the top. Other then the Cold it was a pretty day.
Had at least a 30 mile view. You could see Charlotte in the distance.
I have to say I have gone to the other side of the Park so much. I have forgotten how pretty this side is. It also seems a tad more adventurist.
Today Zach and I had a lot of stuff to do today so we kept our hike short. This time we did decide to go down a different way. Mite not have been allowed. since we ran into wire fence when we got down to the trail again. Oops.

Sound isn't too good in this Video, but you can see us traversing down a path we probably shouldn't be on.
I do think the side of Crowders that most folks don't go on anymore. Does have the better views and trails. I am starting to get better at not taking too much crap with me. Thanks to Zach. He didn't even carry water up the trail. For the most part nether one of us should have too. short hike up and right back down. We are less then a mile from our cars.  Long time ago I was like that. After the Marines taught me to carry everything and then kids making me feel I should. I do need to just relax and just GO. Not everything in life requires a GO BAG.

All I carried to day was My water Bladder. It had Water, First aid kit, 4 Granola, and a snickers bar. I was layered in my clothes with my trusty North Face to cover. Had my wool cloves and my SOG multitool. This is a very short List for me.

 I know that soon I'm going to need to start heading farther out. If I'm going to want to  have something to write about. Crowders is basically in my back yard. If I cant head out past Gaston Country I can at least do something at Crowders. Work and the cold and Kids and Chores will be getting under control soon.

Being at home for most of the week. Has its challenges. I have to say I do love my Crowders Mt. Its there. Its not going anywhere. If I can't get away for long dirty adventure. Crowders becomes my warm cup of soup. Zach said its our Church. Hike to the top. Hang out with some friends.

 Sunday Mornings. If I don't already have an Adventure setup that weekend. You will find me at Crowders. I set out at 9am . I try to be back at the cars by 12 to 1pm.  Hope to see ya on the trails. Later.

we can be a little goofy.

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