Monday, January 26, 2015


January 25th, 2015. Today was a really great day. My long time friend Alex came hiking with us today. he had knee surgery not too long ago so we tried not to push it too hard. My boy Ricky and my bud Lon was on hand as well. Our congregation of Sunday Morning Crowders Mt Hikers is growing. Zach and his wife just had a baby boy 7 days ago. He is a little wrapped up right now so he wasn't able to come. Missed ya Zach. See ya next time.

Took some extra Pics of some gear I have been using. Going to start doing some gear review soon. I have purchased some new gear and I still have plenty of old gear. Don't expect Professional advise from me. I am not a hiking Pro. I am an amateur with some experience who loves to share advice and ideas.

A small list of things I will be talking about are; Biolite stove, Geigerrig hydration pack, Nabi action cam, Ribzpack, Sawyer Filters, etc. I have a bunch of stuff. Need to get rid of most of it. What ever I review it will be something I have beat up on. I don't care for out of box reviews. I personally like how this stuff works type reviews. This type of review mite help someone make a good sound purchase for outdoor use.

I have to say Alex did really good. We pushed it up the stairs and then out to Rocky Top Trail to the Flats. then came back the Tower Road. His Knee was getting soar so I thought the road trail would be easier. I don't know. I have forgotten how long that road is.

Ricky Looked like he was having a good time. Being stuck with a bunch of old guys can't be too fun.

Lon was a Beast. He was up the stairs in no time. Must have been the Bullet Proof Coffee he drinks. Him and Zach swear by it. here is a Link to a receipt BulletProofCoffee. I don't know if this link is exactly like Lon's or Zach s. Play around with it and see if its for you.

The view today was so nice. You could easily see the South mountain range and Chimney rock mt ranges.

The Tower Trail road back down the mt was long. It did give us some very nice views of the mt. I have to say hiking in the cold and winter can give you some really nice picturesque views. Those views mite be hidden with tree foliage.

I'm so happy Alex came with us today. Him and I where in Scouts together. It was a lot of fun and reflection for us to hang out on the trail again. He told me as we where heading up the stairs that he hasn't been up this mountain since we where boys. A lot has changed since then.

Ricky wouldn't stop talking about Hardee's Commercials and hamburgers. We got the hint and Finished at the Hardee's on hwy 321 s.

Thanks again to family and friends who put up with me. The congregation is growing for my Sunday hikes. All are welcomed. Unless I post i'm not doing it. We hit the trail at 9am on Sundays at the Linwood parking lot. Crowders Mt st Park.

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